Downard's Lambs and Wool

Downard Sheep Farm


We currently have Targhee, Cheviot, and BFL×BL wool available. We will be at the Grazing Hills Fiber Festival in Moscow, ID on July 13 and 14 to offer our yarn, roving and fleece for sale.


We have a limited number of locker lambs for Autumn harvest. If you're intested, please call us or email [email protected] to reserve your animal this Spring or Summer. There is a $100 non-refundable deposit. All our meat sheep are pasture raised, without medications or supplements.

The price is $200 each, or $3/lb hanging weight if processed by the Heights Butcher Shop. They come to the farm in October, and charge separately for the slaughter and cutting when you pick up your meat.

Call for Artisans

We'd like to develop relationships with local spinners, weavers, tanners, leatherworkers, butchers, soap makers and more. If you have these skills or are interested in developing them, please contact us.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide practical and all-natural sheep products, at prices we would pay, and support our family without off-farm work.

Over the last few years, we've been working on finding just the right sheep breed, pastures and management so our sheep are naturally healthy wihout interventions and take care of themselves: eating grass and legumes up on the ridge.

As we convert our farmland to pastures, we are gradually expanding our flock, and hope to reach 100 ewes in the next few years. This year we are starting to use natural dyes for the wool and tanning pelts with bark tannin. In the future we plan to process our own wool into batts and roving, sell breeding stock, develop our on-site butchering facilities, and look into milk and cheese.

Sheep are excellent animals: in exchange for your protection, they provide high-quality food and clothing, tread lightly on the land, and are a convenient size for the shepherd or customer to do the work themselves. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Our sheep
Our sheep